Make a Melody

The theme song for European Music Therapy Day 2020 is 'Make a Melody', composed and arranged by Lizzy Dinghs. 

Download the sheet music.
What can you do with this song?

  • This song can be used for all Music Therapy Day activities. Of course you can translate it into your own language, you can also use it as a framework for improvisations.
  • Idea: record yourself performing this song, post it to Youtube and send the link to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


THE NETHERLANDS: Make a Melody, song for European Music Therapy Day 2020, played and sung by music therapists affiliated with the NVvMT (Dutch Music Therapy Association). 


HUNGARYMake a Melody live video music improvisation created via ZOOM with music therapists from Hungary. The video also contains a quote by the famous Hungarian composer Zoltán Kodály: 

"The purpose of music is to get to know our inner world, make it whole and let it flourish." 

SERBIA: Make a Melody song for European Music Therapy Day. 

SPAIN - Asociación Galega de Musicoterapia (AGAMUS): CANCIÓN DE AMOR e PAZ (Song of Love and Peace) 

Performed by music therapists in Galicia, Spain. The song was written in the Galician language by Montserrat López-Merino, chair AGAMUS, 20 years ago.  

'When we are joined by our voice and a melody, a song will sound. Music is what you want to hear. If you let it sound, it will never ever end.'  

LITHUANIAMake a Melody song for European Music Therapy Day, performed by music therapy students from Lithuania. 

GREECEMake a Melody performed by the music therapists of "Angels of Joy" Dimitris Koukourakis and Christina Kalliodi.  

GERMANY: Reach Out Your Hand by PAULA at the Nordoff/Robbins Zentrum Witten. Video by Lutz Neugebauer, Kiko Masbaum & Stefan Gieren.

POLAND: Make a Melody - Stwórz Melodię written on the occasion of the 7th European Day of Music Therapy, translated and performed by music therapy students of the Karol Lipiński Academy of Music in Wrocław.
Choir: Angelika Kwaśny, Paulina Węglowska, Weronika Serwa, Patrycja Mamroł, Barbara Kaszyńska, Gabriela Cybuch, Gabriela Tencza, Anna Gąciarz, Małgorzata Gąciarz, Aleksandra Zarzycka, Wiktoria Łukowicz, Marta Bagińska, Karina Bryła, editing: Łukasz Parlicki. 

SPAIN - Asociación Aragonesa de Musicoterapia (AAMT)Make a Melody performed by participants of the music therapy service with a little help from students of the "Federico Chopin" Academy of Music and Dance on the occasion of the VII European Music Therapy Day. Direction, arrangement, recording and video by Sergio López Nevado, music therapist in Zaragoza.  

SLOVENIA: Slovenian adaptation of the song Make a melody for European Music Therapy Day 2020. Recorded in various places in Slovenia in november 2020 by music therapy students and their families. Music: L. Dinghs, Netherlands. Harmonisation: Jana M. Močilnik, Špela Repar. Slovenian lyrics: Anja Mlinar. 

POLAND: Song for the European Music Therapy Day 2020 - 'Make a Melody' composed by Lizzy Dinghs. Performed by: clarinet - Gabriela Tencza; flute - Anna Gąciarz; violin - Weronika Serwa. 

ESTONIA: Make a Melody - Singers: Anne Tullus, Kadri Reinsalu, Kertu Rummel, Maria Allikmaa, Kerli Remmelgas, Merike Allik, Laura Pley, Pille Rand, Katti Aumeister, Lilia Märtmaa. Violin: Urve Purga. 

Kadri Reinsalu - arranged and translated song
Mihkel Reinsalu - assembled video 

ITALY: Make a Melody song for VII European Music Therapy Day, organised by country representative Elide Scarlata, Global Teacher Price Winner Barbara Riccardi, and the music therapists Rachel Sweet and Sylvia Ingeborg Haering. It is performed by young musicians all over Italy -- an initiative of Centro Attività Musicale, Empoli.  

SPAIN - Asociación para el Estudio e Investigación de la Música, la Terapia y la Comunicación (AEIMTC): Make a Melody a video montage with contributions of AEIMTC members. 

SPAIN: Make a melody from the Associació Ressó Musicoterapiá, in Barcelona, Spain, created by music therapy participants with Nuria Bonet and Raul Hernandez. 

BULGARIA: Make a Melody - Направи мелодия performed by members of Bulgaria's Music Therapy Association.