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European Music Therapy Day activities in Norway.


When: Tuesday, 13th November 

Where: Centre for Pedagogy and Psychology (PPS VEST, Bergen)

What: Two music therapists doing a workshop (information on music therapy and some musical activities) for their colleagues 

Who: Anette Lerøen Rønhovde (music therapist)


When: Monday 19th and Wednesday 22nd November

What: Concerts in 2 nursing homes ( Nygård Sykehjem/  Røde Kors Sykehjem) with the choir «Health in Every Tone»

Who: Ulrika Magdalena Lind (music therapy student) 


What: Journalist from local newspaper coming to visit music therapy student at her work in Jessheim School of Performing arts.

Who: Kathrine Fjell Holen (music therapy student)


When: Wednesday, 22nd November

What: Presentation of music therapy at the event «Night of Culture»

Who: Espen Berg Grimsbo (music therapist)