European Music Therapy Day activities organised in Belarus.


When: Thursday, 15 November 16:00

Where: Minsk, Lusnitskaya street, 17. Inclusive music studio Vyselka. 

What: A concert dedicated to European Music Therapy Day will be held in Minsk. This will be accompanied by a meeting between a narrow circle of specialists and people who are interested in music therapy. 

Who: Evgenia Demianova, musician. With support of Aksana Kavaliova, music therapist (Canada).


When: Saturday, 17 November 18:00

Where: Brest, Dzerzhinskogo street, 50. Office 32. Inclusive educational center “Avokado”.

What: A music therapy meeting for specialists and all who interests of music therapy effects. The program includes music therapy exercises, music making on percussive noise makers and vocal improvisation.

Who: Ekaterina Pyzhyk, music pedagog.